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Intern Diversity and Inclusion Survey – How are we doing?

Are you an intern with Whitley Mortgage? Do you want to be? First, take a moment to complete the survey found here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=L_PelskTEUyFzNR4dVYOH5C_EDoiry1Mt9SlV3BFgXFURjRVVVo1VkdTOEg4RDU5QVEzNDlLNTRBTy4u&sharetoken=EKhIL8As3t2fRWa7Lv3o Then, reach out to srynne@whitleymortgage.com, our Diversity and Inclusion Officer. Sarah can provide you with more information on how to submit your resume and begin the process for the internship. NMLS#107585 Thank you! […]

Diversity and Inclusion Vendor Candidate Survey

It’s time for your feedback again! How do you think Whitley Mortgage is doing implementing diverse and inclusive practices in selecting vendors and suppliers? If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please take the first step and complete the survey. Then reach out to srynne@whitleymortgage.com for more information. You can also tour this site […]

Diversity and Inclusion Survey Time – Again!!!

Thanks for the feedback! We still need you, though! If you have a quick moment, please complete this survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=L_PelskTEUyFzNR4dVYOH5C_EDoiry1Mt9SlV3BFgXFUMENJWElFUVhINUhMVkgwMVIyVjc3MlZDSy4u&sharetoken=AHccpbyFTrtdzJ0HaqA9 We are interested in you, the public’s, thoughts on how we are doing implementing diverse and inclusive practices. Thank you in advance! NMLS#107585

Whitley Mortgage Internship Description:

THERE ARE NO INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER. GENERAL INFORMATION: Whitley Mortgage seeks enthusiastic Interns to gain hands-on experience across all aspects of the mortgage industry while providing invaluable assistance to our processing, originating and management teams. Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just an initiative from the Security Exchange Commission, but an opportunity […]

WMA Internship Timeline Information:

Whitley Mortgage Associates, Inc. makes every effort to be transparent with its Diversity and Inclusion practices. Below please find the general timeline for internship opportunities. Intern applicants will submit resumes or requests on an ongoing basis.  Internship Coordinator will schedule interviews when an internship position becomes available.   Candidates will complete one or more interviews in […]

Database Survey Link:

Whitley Mortgage Associates, Inc.’s Strategic Plan for implementing Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Vendor Diversity and Inclusion Policy and advertising all employment, internship, Vendor Development Program opportunities and vendor opportunities, requires that we maintain a database on our Diversity and Inclusive practices. Please consider completing the survey below for our databases. Thank you in advance. Minority-owned […]

Survey TIME!!!!!

Please help us, at Whitley Mortgage, to serve our community better! Below you will find several survey links to provide valuable feedback: For the general public, employees, interns, and/or borrowers, how would you rate our Diversity and Inclusion Policy Implementation? For vendors, how would you rate our Vendor Diversity and Inclusion Policy Implementation? For potential […]

Whitley Mortgage’s Strategic Plan for Implementing the Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan: Whitley Mortgage ensures diverse and inclusive practices in recruiting, hiring, selection of interns, retention, promotion, and separation practices by: Providing mandatory, periodic training on Equal Employment Opportunities and Diversity and Inclusion to its staff and interns. Provide Mentoring and Internship Opportunities. Continued implementation of the fair and equitable Employee […]

Whitley Mortgage’s Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program  To facilitate the new employee’s integration, Whitley Mortgage implements a Mentorship Program, which pairs up new employees with more experienced peers for the first two months of onboarding. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the new employee’s integration in an informal manner. Typically, this includes inviting the employee to join them […]

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