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1. WHAT IS A REFINANCE OF A HOME MORTGAGE? When a borrower has an existing home loan they may want to: (a) Lower their monthly payment (b) Change their current mortgage in terms of: (i) Years (ii) Interest rate (iii) Changing from an adjustable rate to a permanent rate or vis versa. (iv) Getting cash […]

Good Credit or Bad Credit Homes

Required Documents for a Home Loan:

The following list are required documents that MOST borrowers MAY need to provide when applying for a home loan. Your loan will be processed and underwritten, so having these readily available will benefit your timeline. Some or all of the documents on this list may be requested. Your specific situation may vary, so talk with […]

Ask the Expert #2: Going from Homeless to Homeowner

We have a new “Ask the Expert” interview today with Renee Hendricks, Home Loan Specialist. Renee, I have several questions concerning going from homeless to homeowner. 1. Renee, if a person does not have a permanent address currently how long must they have a permanent address to qualify for a home loan? We must provide […]

Options or “Low Downpayment Loans” are Plentiful

By now, everyone that pays attention to the economy and the housing industry in particular has heard about how difficult it is obtain a home loan. It is a new lending environment where underwriting is more stringent and banks and their underwriters are more prone to over scrutinizing applicants than ever before. However, there are […]

Charlotte Metro Area Gains Attention for Growth

This is exciting news for the Charlotte metro area. Please see the two articles referencing the Charlotte area’s growth. Charlotte Ranked #1 and Raleigh Ranked #2 among Fastest Growing Cities in the US. http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2012/real_estate/1204/gallery.US-Cities/?iid=HP_LN Earlier this week Charlotte Douglas International Airport was named the 6th Busiest World Airport! http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/04/04/3148805/charlotte-douglas-now-sixth-busiest.html

Mortgage Rages Improve to Start Week of 4/9/2012

Mortgage rates fell slightly to start off the week of April 9, 2012. Even though the unemployment rate fell to 8.1% for the month of March 2012, the number of non farm jobs added was well below expecations. With most major US Markets closed for Good Friday, Monday was the first day for the less […]