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Click this link to find out how the Borrower Loan Process works at Whitley Mortgage. This is a must for a first-time homebuyer or anyone that needs a reminder of how the process works. This video is geared toward homebuyers.

Homeowners Financially Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

FINANCIALLY IMPACTED BY COVID-19? Homeowners with financial hardships who have been impacted by COVID-19 can apply for assistance with their mortgage payments, property taxes, and other housing costs. Learn more about the program at www.consumerfinance.gov/haf or by calling (800) 569-4287.   ¿HA SIDO AFECTADO FINANCIERAMENTE POR EL COVID-19? Los propietarios de vivienda con dificultades financieras […]

All About Assets

Have you ever wondered how you will be asked to prove where your Earnest Money Deposit or Due Diligence Fee or even your Down payment will be coming from? If so, check out this video for tips on how you can prepare. As always, contact us for more information regarding your specific situation: 704-283-9465 ext. […]


Have you ever wondered how it all works? When you are buying a new home, does it overwhelm you with all the unknowns? here is a quick overview, step-by-step. Check it out and then contact one of the experts on our team at Whitley Mortgage by clicking here for the list of home loan experts: […]

Parker Holland Joins the Whitley Team!

Whitley Mortgage welcomes Parker Holland to our team of loan officers. She attended UNC – Charlotte where she studied finance and accounting.  Parker comes with six years of experience in commercial real estate and residential mortgages. She recognizes a person’s home is often their largest financial endeavor so it is her goal to guide clients […]


EVER WONDERED IF YOU COULD QUALIFY FOR A VA HOME LOAN? LOOK NO FURTHER! OUR LOAN EXPERTS CAN TELL YOU! Click here to contact one of our superior loan originators.  Until then, here is some very basic information on VA Loans: You must be a veteran to qualify for a VA loan VA stands for […]

FHA Home Loan

EVER WONDER WHAT AN FHA HOME LOAN IS EXACTLY? WELL, FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION RELATING TO YOUR SCENARIO, CONTACT ONE OF OUR EXPERIENCED LOAN ORIGINATORS! For now, here is some very basic information on FHA home loans: FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration 3.5% of the loan amount is needed as a down payment for this […]


EVER WONDER WHAT A USDA HOME LOAN IS? WANT TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY FOR A USDA HOME LOAN FOR THAT NEW BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME YOU HAVE YOUR EYE ON? CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION! Fill out this online application if you are ready to start the process, or contact one of our experienced loan […]

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