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Required Documents for a Home Loan:

Good Credit or Bad Credit Homes

The following list are required documents that MOST borrowers MAY need to provide when applying for a home loan. Your loan will be processed and underwritten, so having these readily available will benefit your timeline. Some or all of the documents on this list may be requested. Your specific situation may vary, so talk with your Home Loan Expert also known as your Mortgage Loan Originator, here at Whitley Mortgage Associates, Inc. 704-283-9465.


1. Copy of valid and legible photo ID (ex: driver’s license): If the address referenced on your ID is different than your current address, please make a note as to why on the copy of your ID (example: I have not changed my address with the DMV as of yet but intend to do so once this transaction closes).

2. Copy of social security card(s) or valid passport: Enlarge if possible, to ensure clarity; see list for required documentation for foreign national status.

3. Copy of paystubs that cover at least 35 days: You will need to continue to send pay stubs as you get them throughout the process.

4. Copy of SSI benefits letter for current year.

5. Copy of all W-2’s for, current and last year (and maybe the year before that…if needed).

6. Copy of all pages of current year and last year’s Federal Tax Returns: we will not need the state returns. Business returns too (if applicable).

7. Investment Property Leases: If you owe/ pay child support, alimony or separate maintenance to another party, we’ll need the court order showing verifying the amount and terms of payment.

8. Copy of a YTD Profit & Loss on any businesses you own: This can be self prepared and must be signed and dated. An audited YTD P&L may be required later in the process if the UW determines it necessary.

9. Mortgage Statements on ALL homes you own that have a lien: This included primary home, 2nd homes and investment homes. If taxes and HOI are not included in your mortgage payment(s) we will also need a copy of the HOI Declarations page and the property taxes for each property.

10. Investment Property Leases: These must be current and signed by you and the tenant.

11. If you’ve sold a home recently: Send a copy of the executed closing disclosure from that sale along with a copy of the bank statement showing where the proceeds were deposited into your account.

12. Funds to Close/ Bank Statements: Underwriting will need to verify liquid funds, prior to your approval. This is to cover your down-payment and closing costs.. Please provide copy of your most recent 2 months asset statements for each account you wish to have considered to meet this minimum. Each statement must cover a 30-day period or one quarter depending on the asset type and must show your name as the owner of the account. Make sure you send all pages. Example: If the statement contains 7 pages, we’ll need a copy of all 7 pages. (Additional details may be needed later explain random deposits.) Please keep in mind you may be asked to provide a new statement any time between application and closing, depending on the need to verify money movement. DO NOT DEPOSIT cash to your account as this is not an acceptable source of funds to be used and will be required to be backed out of the bottom line.

13. Proof of Earnest money Deposit and Due diligence fee: For us to give you credit for these deposits on the closing statement we must see a copy of the cleared/cancelled check and must see two months of bank statements from the account that they came out of. We will have to see a transaction summary showing the money coming out of your account with an updated balance. Please send all pages of your statements covering the last 60 days. You may not have this info for a few weeks due to having to wait for a third party to deposit the EMD and DD checks.

14. Homeowner’s insurance contact: you will need to shop around and determine who you would like to have your homeowner’s insurance. Once you have determined, Please send me an email with the agent’s name and phone number.

15. Copy of the Closing Statement from the Purchase of the Land: If you are doing a construction loan and already own the land, we will need a copy of the note on the land and the closing disclosure from the purchase closing.

16. Copy of the Building Contract: All pages, fully executed.

Thank you again, Renee Hendricks for sharing your expertise with our borrowers and those seeking a home loan!

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