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Whitley Mortgage’s Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

 To facilitate the new employee’s integration, Whitley Mortgage implements a Mentorship Program, which pairs up new employees with more experienced peers for the first two months of onboarding. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the new employee’s integration in an informal manner. Typically, this includes inviting the employee to join them for a workday social outing, such as lunch or break, with their peers, and advising on minor office procedures.

Individuals wishing to be buddies for new employees are encouraged to apply to volunteer. When a new employee starts, Sarah will assign them to a buddy based on their position.

Ideally, new employees will be paired up with peers in their team or department. In situations where there are no suitable volunteers, the new employee’s supervisor may ask a member of their team to act as their buddy.

Thank you for your interest in Whitley Mortgage Associates, Inc.,

Sarah Rynne, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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