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WMA Internship Timeline Information:

Whitley Mortgage Associates, Inc. makes every effort to be transparent with its Diversity and Inclusion practices. Below please find the general timeline for internship opportunities.

  1. Intern applicants will submit resumes or requests on an ongoing basis. 
  2. Internship Coordinator will schedule interviews when an internship position becomes available.  
  3. Candidates will complete one or more interviews in person, over the phone or virtually, online. 
  4. Selections will be made based on the Intern Interview Evaluation Form scores. 
  5. Intern Coordinator will offer the intern position to candidate. 
  6. Once candidate accepts, Intern Coordinator will schedule Onboarding date.  
  7. Intern will work with Intern Coordinator to determine the length of internship and develop a plan, including expectations and goals, within the first three weeks of internship.  
  8. When internship is complete, intern will turn in all WMA property.  
  9. Intern has the opportunity to apply for employment with WMA after internship.  

This is a general outline, which can be changed at any time. Please contact us for more information.

Sarah Rynne, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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